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General Manager HSE, Rezayat Group, Saudi Arabia
About speaker
Andrew started in safety via a quality assurance route. As an employee for the UK Ministry of Defence, working in quality assurance with munitions naturally linked with explosive safety. In a high hazard, low risk environment, quality control, quality assurance and explosive safety are comfortable relatives.

Andrew main drive is to pursue an understanding of why we do things the way that we do. From an academic standpoint, this saw Andrew push to gain the underpinning knowledge that he could use practically in a working environment. In Explosive safety, Andrew studied up to Post Graduate level achieving a PgD in Explosive Ordnance Technology from the Royal Military College of Science in Shrivenham UK, operated by Cranfield institute of technology.

In pushing further into an HSE role, Andrew was awarded an MSc in Safety and Environmental management. His thesis explored the corporate management of HSE within the MoD. His studies saw him appointed as a fast track candidate for the MoD's management development programme. Andrew later left the MoD and has subsequently held corporate roles with fortune 100 companies, leading culture changes in manufacturing industries and in construction, across the UK, Europe and Africa. He is currently the head of safety for one of the largest and most diverse Group of companies in KSA and the GCC region. Working in Logistics, construction, engineering, manufacturing, catering, power and utilities, among other industries.