Through the latest concern on business conferences, advanced training, and networking opportunities, CT Event Asia provides our clients with a unique range of platforms to strengthen their role in the marketplace. We take pride in delivering timely and meaningful events by incorporating creativity with conventional methodologies.

Customer commitment, innovation, creativity, trust, and a determination to win are the five major components of CT Event Asia, and they are the forces that empower us to deliver unique events that propel our clients and their businesses forward.

Progress begins and ends with people who embrace innovative ideas that will keep each organization competitive. Our predominant goal is to build long-term relationships with our current and prospective clients by delivering innovative business events that consistently increase bottom-line profits. This is our commitment.

Why CT Event Asia ?

In all of our prestigious activities, CT Event Asia strives to shape the minds of global business leaders by stressing the vigorous ideation and strength of innovation and technology. We are prepared to reach client standards through our passion and determination, as well as the expertise of our in-house event specialists. We continuously provide first-class service to each and every one of our clients by understanding their needs and proposing extensive approaches to reach their desired success.

Our Vision

We work for the betterment of our clients by providing elevated products and services that can facilitate them in achieving professional and personal development.

Our Mission

We inspire event professionals by advocating simplicity, modernization, emerging technologies, and bringing together leaders from across the world to create outstanding and memorable events.

Core Values

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    We will continuously strive to establish partnerships with our customers that shall have a significant positive effect on their lives.

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    Beyond the improbable, we consider what is possible. Encourage innovative thinking that pushes boundaries and accelerates change.
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    We carefully select the most creative technologies and unsurpassed service that, when combined, provide our customers with the only premium value.

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    We value the confidence placed in us to consistently work together within the team and across borders to meet our customers’ needs and exceed their standards.

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    We have a keen desire to succeed in the marketplace and in all aspects of our business, delivering only the highest quality results.

Bangaly Camara

Managing Director

Bangaly Camara is the founder of CT Event Asia. He has vast experience in corporate B2B industry for more than a decade. As the Managing Director, Camara champions the role of creativity and leadership. He works directly with various departments successfully including sales, marketing, production, business partnership, product development, operation and finance.

Darweena Camara

Executive Director

Darweena Camara is the co-founder of CT Event Asia. Being energetic, optimistic and creative are the key elements that she always believes to make her sales style to be more approachable and enjoyable not only for herself, but for her team and her clients. Her undivided focus and cheerful character have created a mix of acceptance and openness towards the people surrounding her.

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Strategically network with our high-level speaker faculty and VIP guests to ensure your skills are showcased, before and during the vendor selection process


Align your company’s challenges and goals with a fully customized sponsorship kit to optimize your return on investment.


Educate the market on your value and brand superiority above competitors in the marketplace through persistent brand recognition and exceptional leadership.


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